Monday, May 18, 2009


So It has been a while since I have updated our blog at least it feels like forever. Treyson got blessed on May3rd, 2009. He looked so handsome. Some of the people that came to the blessing were Grandpa and Grandma Scott, Grandpa and Grandma Sullivan, Aunt Tara, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Stephen and a lot of friends and family thanks for all of your support. It never amazes me enough how much I love these little children the lord has trusted me with. I hope I am doing ok. Some other thought that have been running through my head is how lucky that I am to have a healthy family. Lately it seems that work has been especially difficult and touching. We have had many great people to take care of that have either past on or are going through hard times with leukemia. It always seems to be the most amazing people. It is hard but I am so greatful to be able to be a part of this work. I love my job even though it is hard to leave my kids

These are some pictures of our first swimming trip this year to the lehi rec center. we went with the morris's and it was so fun. Payton was scared at first but by the time it was time to leave she was going everywhere and sooooo mad we had to leave. She through the biggest fit. There was this lady laughing at her I was embarresed. Treyson liked it but he was tired so you can see what he did most of the time sooo. cute.

These are some pictures of the kids some of treyson at three months he is getting such a personality and sooo smiley.

Paytons new thing is she likes to get in the baby swing and rock as hard as she can. I don't let her do it all the time but I have to pick my battles and at this point there are babies that weigh more than she does so what the heck!!!

We took Payton to the Living Planet Aquarium. This is micah by the octopus. Payton was scared to get to close to anything but it was really cool.

A few pics of Treyson's blessing everything went well.

Grandpa and Grandma Scott

The family

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Whats been going on!!!

So here are some more pictures. I thought I would write a little bit about what has been going on. This week Daniel my cousin came home from his mission in Boston. We got to meet him at the airport and that was fun. Nothing to exciting has been happening besides that. We are blessing Treyson this sunday and so my family is in town and that has been nice. This first picture of Payton after she supposedly was helping Dad do yard work. She ended up playing in the flower pots. I came outside and she was throwing dirt all over herself and the porch. This Is her reading her book on the dog bed. I was cleaning the carpets so had thrown everything on the couch. She decided this would be fun.

Treyson and Payton

This is my first official picture of Treyson smiling he started smiling about 2 months. he is 10 weeks old.

Payton had so much fun at the Paynes house. She played soccer, footbal and jumped on the Trampoline. This is her cousin zach.

This is us at the airport for Daniels homecoming Chase is missing he had a final that he could not miss and there plane came in early. However Chase did get his mission call to brazil this week. I am so excited now he can speak portugese with Micah when he gets home.

SO ever since I saw the movie Marley and Me I have decided that I would post a blog about our dog max. This is him. He is a lot like Marley. We have always thought he was the worst dog ever but he is not well I love at least I don't know if anyone else does. Let me just name a few things he has done. 1. It started when Payton was a baby. He probably chewed up about 10 binkies in a month because he was jealous. he would also chew up bottles and anything he could get his paws on. He was so bad that we had to get him someone to play with. So we got Sasha our other dog. It worked a little bit but still have had quite a few suprises. As Micah would say Max's has stabbed us again. He has chewed the corners of our walls. Chewed a big hole in the corner of our couch. he likes to run out the door any chance he gets and go exploring. He eats paper, plastic, metal and his favorite thing is to get in the garbage can when were not looking. One time he got on his hind legs and stole two chocolate chip cookies off the table and ate them. anyway I could continue on and on but this is our Max.