Monday, December 28, 2009

In Memory of Dee Workman Sullivan

My Grandpa Dee Pasted away on this day 2 years ago. He was a very important and influential person in my life and my whole families lives. We sure miss him but he was very sick and I know that he is in a better place. Him and My Grandma have been the corner stone of our family and his memory and influence will live on in my life for ever.
Things I Remember about my Grandpa Dee
1. I remember going Pig farming with him. He would pick me up everyday at 7am on the dot. The first thing that we would do would be to go pick up the left over food from the restaurants to feed to the pigs. We called this "Slop." We would then go and feed the pigs. From there it was anything from riding horse's, fixing apartments or mowing lawns. My Grandpa had to be doing something or he would go crazy. When he got sick the family had to threaten him to get him to stop doing things he was not supposed to be doing.
2. He was always giving to someone. Whether it was to his family or a stranger on the street there was always someone he was helping.
3. He loved his court tv shows and going to the park with his dog charlie.
4. Most of all he loved my Grandma more than anyone I know. When he was in the hospital he would have us bring a picture of her so that he could look at her all the time. He had this huge picture up in his living room just of her. He thought she walked on water and well she probably does in a lot of peoples eyes.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas times 3!!!

Our family this year had Christmas Three times. Yes that is what I said Three times. We started out by having an early Christmas with Micah's family on the Saturday before Christmas. We started out this day by going to the movie The Christmas Carol with Grandpa Rick and Stephen, while Grandma Jana stayed home and watched Treyson. This movie I thought Payton would like but it turns out it was kind of scarey and not really a kids movie, but she did really good anyway. We then went back to "nana and Pamp pa" house and ate and opened presents. Payton and Treyson got a lot of clothes and toys. Paytons favorite toy there was a microphone that sings the Little Mermaid Song "Under The Sea" She sings with it all the time and it is really cute. Treyson of course just ran around putting things in his mouth and trying to go up the stairs. Micah got the Wii sports resort game from his Dad and Mom and I got some badly needed new scrubs and some other cute clothes. We also got a few gift certificates to the movies and chili's from Micahs side of the family. These are the best kind of gifts for me because it means I don't have to cook. Lets not forget Stephen he got us the Super Mario Brothers Wii Game it is a lot of fun. Thanks everyone!!!!

Christmas #2

This was Christmas at our house Santa came before we left to go down to Mesquite for my families Christmas He brought Payton a Dolly that has a high chair, Stroller and crib with it. Treyson got a leap frog learning table that both kids really liked. They also got some legos and Payon got a lot of Dora the Explorer stuff she liked. It was really nice to have Christmas as a family. Micah Got me the Guitar Hero 5. I for some reason love this and a digital scrapbooking program I am excited to start that. Micah got a snowboarding pass to sundance and some snowboarding stuff for Christmas. We then got everything packed up and headed down to my family where we had a lot of fun.

Christmas #3

This Christmas was at my families. We started out by having our annual Christmas eve Get together. We always eat and the open one gift from Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan. This year I thought was special. My Aunt and Uncle had the missionaries over to have dinner with us. They even got a present to open with us. They then shared a spiritual thought with the family and left us all with a prayer blessing my Grandpa Dee who will have left us two years ago on the 28th this year. I really felt the spirit and I was really excited to have this happen.
On Christmas Day we got up early and opened presents at my parents house with Aunt "T" and the kids. Payton was helping everyone with the stocking and then she got sick of it so she said "all done and went on her way. She There got a leap frog book system and a v tech laptop. She however wanted to play on the car the Treyson got and was having a little BBS( butt baby syndrome). This is what Micah calls her little fits. We Then went over to My Aunt and Uncle Scott and Kristines house to open Presents from Grandma Dianne. This is a tradition That we have to all get together at one of the houses and open presents and hang out pretty much all day. While we were there we went to the park with the kids and just enjoyed each others company. It would also not be a family function with Tara my sister getting torched by Randy our cousin and everyone else. I swear she has the words torcher me painted on her forehead. This Christmas him and Tori decided to tape her arms and legs together. My aunt Kristine and Kaylee 4 eventually intervened. They were in bathroom painting nails.
Treyson eating a Christmas sugar cookie I thought since it was his first Christmas he should be able to have some fun.

Picture of Payton and her cousin Kaylee. She had fun playing with Kaylee since she is the only cousin that really close and close to her age.

This is My Aunt Krisitine with Zach there chihuahua. Even though she looks crazy and sometimes she is she did a really good job with Christmas thanks!

Payton opening her presents and our extended Sullivan family Christmas

This is the Car that Treyson got from grandpa and grandma Sullivan. He and Payton are having a lot of fun on it.

Treyson climbing on all of his presents at Grandma Donna and Grandpa Dayton's

Payton helping everyone with opening their stockings

Payton and I

This is one of the elders that came over opening his present

Jessica opening her presents while recovering from pneumonia glad your feeling better Jess

Of Course Tori being her usual self Crazy
Treyson opening his book at family Christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Christmas Fun!!!

So This week We have done a couple of fun Things We wrapped presents with Treyson which wasn't really much fun at all. He was so helpful see below. Payton and I however made Fudge and Christmas candy She was so happy to do this and if really kept her busy for a long time. Here are a few pictures of Treyson being so helpful and Payton Making Christmas candy.
Payton Making Christmas candy molds

Payton Mixing the fudge with her apron on my friend leslie saw this apron and bought it for Payton it is so cute.

Treyson's first time feeding himself

Treyson Standing by himself

Treyson helping wrap a present!!!

Treyson eating the wrapping paper

Pulling the presents of the couch all of them!!!!

eating the tape

tearing apart all the cards he was sooooo much help!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Festivities!!!

so a few things that we have been doing is well one Christmas shopping. Well let me rephrase this The kids and I have been Christmas shopping. We also made a ginger bread house with Payton for family home evening. This was really fun and she really liked it. I took the kids to see santa and didn't get a real good picture but payton actually sat on his lap this year and told him she wanted a dolly it was really cute. This picture right below is Payton feeding Treyson her sucker she got from santa it was cute.

this is a puppy from our litter they are all sold now and waiting to be old enough to go to their homes

this picture I took on morning to show everyone how much help i have when I try to do anything

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Time

So I decided to get some pictures of the family for Christmas I thought it turned out pretty well of course everyone but me..... here are some of them enjoy!!!!!