Friday, January 28, 2011


The New Year has started out pretty good for us. Micah is very busy as usual with school and trys to get all his homework time in, which is very hard to do with a family I know. He has to lock himself in our bedroom in order to get anything done and even then he still some times has little knocks on the door wanting his attention. I am doing ok working night shift and The kids seem to like their two babysitters that we have, which is such a blessing. As the year has started I have made some family goals. and personal goals. One of my personal goals is to get in shape and so I joined the gym and am proud to say I have been going everyday that I am not a work. I feel so much better and have missed the endorphins that come with working out. Some of my family goals are to eat out less, and fix healthier meals for the family and myself. This has worked out fairly well but could also be better. Everyday I thank God for a healthy family thus far. I am a paranoid Mother to say the least. If I see the kids are tired a lot or have a cough for too long exc. I immediately think they might have Cancer. I know this is because I work around the very young and old who have Cancer. It is a relentless disease and do not wish it on my worst enemy. I Love My job and am greatful I can help people in their time of need but it does not make it easy and feels like the success stories are few and far between. However when there is one it is the best thing. I recently took care of a 22 year old boy who fought the fight but he ended up loosing his life. I find these cases the hardest ones to handle and hope that someday I will understand all the why's to the awful things in this world. Well I will stop babbling but My heart had been full and I wanted to blog a little bit about it sooo have at it if you will or not. There are some cute pictures below. Payton went to her first Birthday party here and she came home dressed as a jedi night with a light saver she was in heaven. Lickin the beaters the best!!!
Payton in here Jedi costume

Treyson eating his pizza, usually the plate ends up on the floor or on his head when he is done. This kid is CRAZY!!! hyper and going through his TERRIBLE TWO's But soooo fun I love him

Pay Pay Jean

Miss Attitude in time out

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home For Christmas!!!

We Were so fortunate to be able to go Home for Christmas for a week. I don't know how I pulled that off with my work but I did and it was Great. We were in Utah from the 24-27. We had a Great Christmas at the Scotts house. It was fun and we also got to see some good friends as well. The Kids were a little sick so that was kind of a bummer but other than that we did great. We then Headed down to Nevada to see my family. This was equally great and we had a lot of fun there as well. I was really fortunate to be able to spend some time with the girls in our family. My Grandpa Dee past away 3 years ago on December 28th. I was able to go the the grave with my Grandma and most of the girls in our family. It was so special to me and I was so glad I was able to do this. I felt his spirit there with us very strong that day and I know he is watching over our family. We were also able to have a get together with the whole family at los lupes for My cousin Randy's going away. He had to leave his little family for a year to go to afghanistan. I was so sad but I am sure he is doing great things. We arehome now and things are as Crazy as ever. Treyson has definitely hit his two's and is living up to them. He has started to throw quite the fits when he wants to. aaaah lets just hope its not quite as dramatic as Payton's two's were.

This is a Picture of Micah and I by the Portland Christmas Tree. Yes it is the one where that terrorist was trying to kill people this December
Randy and Jessica We will Miss Randy
Payton got a sticker book at Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan's She loved it

Treyson Got Thomas the train from Aunt T He Loves Thomas

Payton and Aunt T

Micah and Treyson

Bowling at the Virgin River

The Fam

Trey Bowling

Kaylee and Payton had a lot of fun with the balls

Treyson and Harper Fighting over Ice Cream

Payton Bowling

Grandpa's Grave we Decorated oh how I miss him

Christmas at the Scott's

Payton with her Dance Streamer this was a favorite toy for all even the adults

Trey in his Santa Hat

Making Cupcakes for Santa

Our Christmas Pajama's

Jana and Haylee

Taylor and Megan

My son doing what he does