Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So Treyson is finally here!! I thought I would never make it but it is wonderful. Everything went wonderful. I was induced Feb 20th early in the morning. Things went pretty slow until about 2pm when doctor Clark got there to break my water. After that I dilated and had him with one push by 3:31pm. he was pretty purple when he came out but is perfect soo far. He was significantly bigger than payton weighing in at 7 lbs and 2oz. 19 inches long. NO preemie clothes for him. My Mom, My sister and of course My husband were there to share this experience with me. I am once again so amazed at the gift of life. I do not see how anyone can not believe there is a god when they experience the miracle of life. I am so greatful that God has blessed me and trusted me with these two children. Thinking about the responsibiliy in this day and age makes me very nervouse but also very thankful that God trusts me enough. My husband is also great. Thanks to everyone for there support and love we love all of you.
Treyson at 3 days old.

My cute little family oh how I love them
This Face is so Payton she is such a little diva always making whatever faces at people. I don't know where she learned that from!!!

one day old.

Payton loves her brother sooo far!!!

Taking him off to the nursery.

There is Treyson with his proud daddy.

This is a Picture of Treyson minutes after birth.