Friday, September 30, 2011

Just and update

I am writing an update because I don't have a camera to post any pictures :( As most of you know I lost my camera on the way home from Disney land a few weeks ago and have of course called every place I could and have had not luck. I am soooo sad to lose all those wonderful pictures from our trip and I am still having a little bit of hope that Southwest will find it but not very much hope. I did order a few of the pictures off of Disney's website for an arm and a leg so I will post those when I get them but they are all of Treyson because Payton was scared of most of the characters. We did have a fabulous time and Disneyland was sooo much cooler than I remember 12 years ago when I went. Thanks Rick and Jana for a great vacation. To update on our life. Micah is back in school and very busy as usual. He will be traveling a lot starting in December and will be gone for about 8 months out of the year next year to different place's for clinicals. I am not looking forward to this but am sure it will be worth it in the end. Treyson is doing pretty good at potty training and Payton is doing really good at her letters and their sounds. She is in gymnastics which she loves and has helped her to be a little more brave because she is SCARED of everything, that or she just says that to get out of things which I think is what is really going on. anyway all is well will post some more pics when I get a camera or find mine love ya all

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lindsay comes to visit and THE DENTIST!!!!

This last week one of my best friends Lindsay came to visit us in Portland from Dallas Texas. I was so happy she can do those kind of things because she is single. However she won't be single for long. She is getting married in December and I am so happy for her. While she was here we went and looked at some wedding dresses, went to the Beaverton parade, and spent some quality time. Then Today was the big day for the Dentist. Treyson's First visit and Payton's second visit to the dentist. We made it family affair and all went one right after the other which turned out to be kind of long day but rather painless. Payton did so good she let the lady clean her teeth and she would let her use the water gun but wanted nothing to do with MR. THIRSTY(the suction) Treyson let the Dentist count his teeth but would not have much to do with anything else. He did get excited about his new toothbrush and floss. All and all turned out really well only one cavity for the whole family and of course it was me. Anybody who know me knows that I have had TERRIBLE TEETH!!!! my whole life from the time I was very little. Lets just say I was really happy there was only one because a typical dentist visit for me would include a few cavities and probably a crown or something, no joke. I know my Mom will be very proud to read that I took my whole family to the dentist but she will probably say " did the tell you to floss more" love ya Mom!!!!!
Just a cute Picture in the Kitchen after church when Lindsay was here
So the pictures are in reverse order. This is the kids with their blue lips after the treat they shared in the pictures below. I just thought it was so cute how they were sitting on the sidewalk sharing this sucker with powder dip. Payton was dipping it in the powder and feeding it to Trey

Trey waving his flag at the parade
Ready with their candy bags we got about 1 big freezer bag full sooo much
Linds and the kids
Payton asking me to take weird pics of her while Lindsay was trying on Dresses
One of the Dresses we liked
Payton reading to Trey or pretending to read
Trey at the dentist
Payton being so big getting her teeth cleaned

We got to wear these cool sun glasses so the light didn't hurt our eyes
Trey going to take xrays before he got scared can't you tell he is thrilled!!!