Saturday, August 16, 2008

I decided to write another post since the last family post was in Febraury. So the big news is that we are going to have our second baby and it is due about Febraury 27, 2009. I have been pretty sick with this pregnancy just like with Payton but it finally seems to be getting better. Our Dog Sasha is also going to have puppies in September and she is one fat little chihuahua right now. she actually is really cute she is so chubby I love to rub her belly. micah is still working hard at the intermountain medical center. He starts his bachelors degree in september and I am excited for him to get that started. Payton is 16 and half months old and she only had one month and a half until she can go to nursery at church yeah then we can be religous again. she is into everything but getting cuter everyday. She however does have a mullet that i haven't quite decided what to do with yet. anyway thats our up date. keep in touch

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here are some more pictures of payton swimming and Grandma Diannes and with her aunt Tara

Payton also got to make her second trip to las vegas since being born. We took her to the M&M factory

Payton got to go down to beaver dam to see her Grandparents and she was a little bit spoiled and had a lot of fun This picture is her making cookies with her Grandma Donna she's daring

Yesterday I took Payton out and let her swim in her little pool she seems to love the outside and have a lot of fun. she is waving for the camera

So this is Paytons new thing to do she love to sneak into the bathroom when we are not looking and grab the plunger and the toilet brush and start playing in the toilet She is a lot of help!!!!