Wednesday, November 5, 2008

so here are the cute puppies my dog sasha had. She had four but one died a birth three girls and a boy. One of the girls died sooo sad. However the other ones are so cute. they are about 9 weeks old now and off to there families. desi went to my mom and dad. Sophie the other little girl went to the daddys family and Pudgie the little boy because he was so fat. Went to micah's uncle. We are going to do this again and sell the puppies next year so if anyone wants a yorkie/chihuahua mix. so so cute. they loved to give max a hard time as you can see. and Payton thought they were toys. She would pick them up by legs and necks it was a constant circus.

Payton also got to pick her very own pumpkin from a pumpkin patch by our house since it was one of the only things we got to do for halloween it was fun.


Payton did get to go th a trunk or treat on the day before halloween as a ladybug. then on halloween Grandma Jana dressed her up as pebbles she was sitting in the trunk at the party throwing candy at the kids. She seemed to have fun. I was really sad I didn't get to take her anywhere on halloween


Ok, ok ok so I finally figured out how to get back into my blog so heres the update.
We are having a baby boy somewhere between feb 20 and feb 27. No longer than that though. This is the gift of it being a second child I do have a little bit of choice. however if this little boy continues to be as much trouble as he has already been then I am hoping it is the 20th or a little bit before. SO far I am 24 weeks a long today. from six to nine weeks I threw up an average of about 4 times a day. Then from ten to 17 weeks it was 1 to 2 times per day every morning for sure. Then it let up for about a half a week when what do you know Payton got the stomach flu and gave it to her mommy. The day after the stomach flu and I kid you not I started having cramping pains so I went to the labor and delivery and made sure the baby was ok. Well he was just fine but the last three weeks they have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Finally after being in labor and delivery Sunday, and Wednesday of last week and seeing a urologist they decided I had a kidney stone and had it for the last 3 weeks. So on Halloween I had surgery and they took me to the OR and broke this big kidney stone up and took it out then placed what is called a stent all these things were very painful but I can say that Today is wednesday of the next week and I am finally almost feeling back to normal. All I can say is I hope I don't have anymore kidney stones and this baby better pay me back by being a good baby when he gets here.