Friday, May 20, 2011

Pomps, and Nana come to town and The sun does actually shine in Portland!!!

Our Lives seem to be getting busier everyday. We are always doing something and time goes by so fast but so slow at the same time it is really hard to explain. I am so blessed everyday and no matter how busy we are things seem to work out. Jana and Rick came to town this month and we were able to spend a few days with them. We were able to go to the Zoo and just spend some quality time with family which we miss sooo much. The last week or so has been really nice and the sun has been shining more and it has been so nice. Micah will be done with his third term in a couple of weeks and we are so excited to be able to go see our families in June. We finally got our house rented again in Utah after being vacant for three months and I am starting to look for a new job working days. Nights has been hard and I have about had my fill but when the right job comes it will come and I know the lord will take care of us. He knows better than I do. anyway the pictures below are of the zoo and some random outside pictures of our nice days here in Portland. Payton trying to help Dad with the yard work
Trey blowing bubbles

We went to a friends to play and Treyson loved the backyard he has a bike helmet on that is purple with flowers

Zoo pictures

Bald Eagle

Pamps and Payton

mine and Treys favorite the black bears

Water Guns