Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sorry We Have Been Really Busy I Have Alot Catching Up TO Do!!!!!

So The Scott family has been very busy lately. It seems like the days go by so fast and there is always so much to do. For those of you who don't know Micah will be done with his Bachelors Degree in December. We have started applying for Nurse Anesthesia schools. All together we have applied to 8 different schools. One in Salt Lake City which is the only one in Utah. We have also applied to two in Houston Texas, and one in each of the following places. Portland Oregon, Richmond Virginia, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Wichita Kansas, and Miami Florida. We have been getting all of these applications ready in the last month which has been a huge process but I am happy to say they are all done and I am sooo Glad. I will keep every updated on what is going on with that. Here are a few things we have managed to do in between all of the work, school and applying for schools.

Carving Pumpkins With The Vogelsbergs, Hadfields, and Morris Families

We Kind of have this tradition that we get together as friends and carve pumpkins with all of are kids it was really fun this year was the first year that Payton was really able to know what was going on and help here are a few picks

Payton and I carving the pumpkin

These Picks are of Payton scooping out the seeds that was her favorite part of course she loves doing anything that includes getting messy

I really don't like this pic but Micah says I am never on are blog so we took it

These are all of the older kids at the pumpkin patch. Brian Trey, Anna, Zara, Brody and Payton of course

I love this Picture The kids with the Pumpkins I thank God every day for these kids they are my whole life

Payton with the big pumpkins What a cutie

Treyson is 8 months now and looks like a little man. He has a great personality some of the things Treyson likes
1. To eat
2. Suck his thumb which I hate but gave in because he was so persistant
3. listen to himself scream
4. Crawl on the entertainment center to get the chords in the back
5. Put everything in his mouth.
6. He loves the bath
Some of the things Treyson can do.
1. He can crawl and pull himself up to his knees on everything he is sooo close to pulling up all the way.
2. He can say Da Da
3. Sit from crawling
I love this boy he is so squeezy

This Jacket is one Micah's Dad bought before Treyson was born and well he finally fits into it

This is Paytons halloween wig We were trying to get her excited to wear it because she put it on and then said "Me Not Like It"

Treyson Playing with all his toys

This is a Typical picture of my son. holding something and sucking that darn thumb

Micah's Dad was in the senior games in St. george this year playing badminton he turned 50 in July and wanted to try it out. It was good because we got to go watch him and see my family at the same time. I however don't think they appreciated our visit because we gave every single one of the the stomach flu and treyson pooped on my sister and my Grandma!!!

These Pictures are of the kids with Rick and his Gold Medal in Mens doubles

So these ladies are in there 80's I thought they were sooo cute out there playing badminton in there skirts i hope i can do that when I am 85
Payton at the park
My two Favorite boys
Payton Playing at the park they had really neat parks there
Patyon with Grandpa and Grandma Scott

WE Decorated Halloween cookies for family home evening payton had a good time