Sunday, November 29, 2009


Thanksgiving day was really good this year. We spent the day with Micah's family and then later we were able to find some really cheap tickets for the lower bowl at the Jazz game. Anybody who knows me knows that this made my day. I love the Jazz! So here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving the game and a few random pictures I have taken of Payton that I really like.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So we have puppies again this time Sasha had 6 puppies she was huge and now I know why. She did great there are three girls and three boys. Soooooo Cute. Ready on Christmas eve if anyone wants a puppy

A Time for Thanksgiving

So Every year around this time I sit in humbleness of how blessed that I am. I am so Thankful for everybody and everything in My life from trials to blessing I know a combination of all of these things make me stronger. I am greatful for so many things and people, here are a few I would like to recognize
First of all I would like to recognize God and his hand in everthing. I have a deep testimony of Jesus Christ and the atonement. I know that everything I have is because of him and that I would be nothing otherwise.
Micah- My husband to me is one of the most patient people I know with me. I see so many flaws in myself that he just excepts. He Makes me a better person in so many ways and he is a wonderful husband and father. I am so proud of him this year for his hard work and dedication to school to make it easier for our family to have their mommy at home eventually.

Payton- I love this girl so much she is probably going to run for president she is so smart and she definitely has a mind of her own. I love to watch her learn everyday and she is a sweet spirit. Yes I am definintely ready for her bed time every night but I am also so excited to wake up everyday with her and be her mother. I can never imagine my life with out her again it is weird to think back to those days.
Treyson- This little boy is so special to me. When I think of Treyson I just think of the adorable smile that is always on his face. I don't think I have ever seen a kid who smiles as much as he does. He is getting to be a handful but I am loving every minute and at the same time kind of want him to stay right where he is. I love this little kids soooo much.
Mom and Dad- I am so thankful for my Mom and Dad. Even though they are not perfect I love them for all of the things they have done right and taught me. They have always taught me to be honest and productive. These are to things you cannot go without. They have taught me the value of sticking with a marriage and How to be a good Mom and most of all they have taught me how to love and to show it. Thanks Mom and Dad.
Tara- This sister of mine is so awesome. I don't know what I would do If I couldn't talk to her almost every day. She is the one person I know I can always turn to if I just want to vent or talk. We so different but so much a like it scares me sometimes. I am so proud of her example and love she has for all of us. She is a great person and I love her very much
Grandma Dianne- I will always be greatful for my Sullivan Grandparents. This time of year is always hard for are family now that my Grandpa is gone but he lives on through my Grandma who is one of the greatest people that I know. This lady is AMAZING!!!!. I can not say enough about her love for others. She is a perfect example of the best Grandma ever. I am always so excited to her from her and see her when I get too. I could go on and on but I won't.
Rick and Jana- Micah's parents are great to our family. They are always so willing to help us out and make me feel a part of the family. They are a great example to my children and I am so glad we have some family to be near. If we have to move for Micah's school I don't know where we will go when we want some company they are always there for us. We love them
Tiff and Lindsey, Alisha and all my other friends. I am so greatful to have good friends who I feel I can trust and Who are so willing to help me out. I love them so much and am greatful for them everyday.

This is Payton and Treyson on The V Tech that Aunt T gave Payton for her birthday it is by far the best toy we have both the kids love it

This is that smile I was talking about trey 9 months

I Love this pick all in purple Payton 2.5 yrs

Payton in Micah Snowboarding gear

Micah got his early present for Christmas He was so excited he had to try everything on it was truly like a kid at Christmas

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and TREYSON IS ON THE MOVE!!!!

Halloween was really fun this year it was fun because well of course my kids are amazingly cute and well i am not biased or anything. It was the first year that Payton kind of new what was going on and was so excited to go trick or treating she was really good at saying it and going to the doors. We went to a trunk or treat at Micah's parents ward on Friday which was fun and then I worked on Saturday but when I got home we took the kids out around are neighborhood and Payton thought that was so fun. She keeps asking if she can go trick or treating again and I have to explain to her that it is only once a year!!!. She was a clown both nights but I had two costumes for Treyson so on the Trunk or Treat we all dressed up as clowns and then on halloween we changed Treysons outfit to a lion he was soooo cute. some more news is that Treyson is on the move pulling himself up on things and climbing the stairs. here are some cute pics
Treyson climbing the stairs
Trey pulling himself up on things

So this pic is funny yesterday he got up early due to the time change and he was hiding in the toy closet peeking out a laughing at me it was so cute

Payton getting ready to trick or treat

The cute little lion showing off his moves

Micah called this the psycho clown scarey I couldn't just get her to smile as you can see from the pics below

Trey with payt wig on

I was convinced to put ricks costume on because Jana didn't want to be the only one dressed up but it was ok anyway here we are minus micah because he is a dud on halloween