Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Random Thoughts!!!

So our lives have been pretty busy lately with my new job and Micah's school of course. Someday's I wonder if I am going to make it, but each time I am lifted back by my heavenly father and my husband who is my rock. I don't think I have ever thanked Rick and Jana for raising such a great son who is so patient and dedicated to his family. I am so greatful for all my blessings and my savior Jesus Christ who makes it possible to repent for all my short comings. The kids have been extra cute these days. Something that Treyson did that was cute was we took them to this really cool place which they thought was chucky cheese. It was not it was even better. The next morning I went and got him and he came in and laid on the bed with Micah. The first thing that he said was "Thank you Daddy for taking me to Chucky Cheese." I thought it was so thoughtful and cute to come out of a two year olds mouth. He can be such a sweet boy. He is working on his potty training. This always brings some challenge's to us which are peeing on the couch, the floor, the rugs and well he even thought it would be fun one day to pee in his toy dump truck. Micah and I were sitting on the couch when all of the sudden I heard something that sounded like water running. Then Payton yells Treyson is peeing in the dump truck. Soon after Treyson runs out from behind the couch screaming I pee'd in the Dump Truck. Micah and I were trying to keep straight face and let him know that is not right but it was really hard because it was actually pretty darn hillarious. Now on to Payton. She is really into learning her letters lately. I bought this movie called the letter factory thanks to Chelsea and her blog. It is a great movie to help kids learn their letters. She can write her first name and recognize most of her numbers. I am so glad because she has really been resistant to learning when I try to teach her things. She has spent several times crying in her room because she has been refusing to learn. She is doing much better with this lately. Something cute she does is tell me that I am her best Mommy. I tell her well I am her only mommy and inside I am thinking I am sure not the best mommy but it does make me feel good. She is getting so big and sooooo grown up . she is loving her gymnastics class and is learning a lot of new things. Something else she did that was funny is at dinner time we have only had three chairs up until now because we haven't needed four. Treyson transitioned to a booster chair recently so we have been short a chair. Payton has therefore been sharing her chair with Micah. Both of their skinny bums can fit on it. One day Payton asked me to sit with her and I told her that My bum was bigger than Dad's and so he needed to sit with her. She has gladly reminded me of this several times that My Bum is bigger than Dad's so I can't sit with her. thats motivation isn't it. anyway our lives our busy, stressful but very blessed.