Thursday, August 20, 2009


So my sister Tara went through the temple on her own after 13 years of inactivity in the last year she has prepared herself and done so well at getting to where she is today. She is such a strong person and has been a great example to me in a lot of ways. It has been such a blessing to watch her transition over the last year. I always had a little hope in my heart that this day would come and I am so glad that it has. I got to be her helper in the temple and it was a great blessing. Thank you for letting me do that Tara!!. My sister is a great person and she love my kids so much I am so very greatful that we now have the chance to be eternal sister. I love you Tara. I stole these pics of her blog!!!!

This above is my sister my mom and I We are bunny earsing my MOM you just can't see it very well.

This is all of are family that were able to go to the temple with Tara it is so great all of the younger kids got reccomends to go do baptism's but weren't able to do them because the temple was too busy.

Tara and I so proud of this girl!!

This is Tara me and her bestfriend bestie bec. becca helped Tara so much by helping her get back to the church. Thanks becca

This picture is all of Tara's really good friends and me of course at the pizza factory after for lunch.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I got Treyson 6 month pictures done he will officially be 6 months on the 20th he is so much fun and smiles a lot however he is usually really happy or really mad and it can turn in about one second. here are some of the things Treyson has learned to do
1. He has learned to roll all over the place and has even started to put his butt up in the air getting ready for crawling hopefully not too soon.
2. He love to smile and does it often
3. he has recently found his feet and loves to chew on them
4. Treyson love to suck his thumb it is a constant battle to try and keep it out of his mouth he perfers it a lot more than a binky.
5. He loves to jump in the jumperoo. so far it is the thing that keeps him entertained for more than 5 minutes (Sometimes)
6. he is getting close to being able to sit up but he can't stop wiggling around long enough to keep his balance. I fear the day this kid learns to crawl and walk

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pioneer Day 2009!!!

For the 24th of July weekend I worked on the holiday but we did a couple of fun things. We went to a ward camp out with Micah's families ward. Payton went up early and had fun with unceee steve throwing rocks in the stream. She even saw a snake and never stopped talking about it. Then on Saturday her and I went to lagoon with Alisha and her kids and our cousins Krystle and Zach. she had a lot of fun and it wore her out. she slept until noon the next morning. Trey stayed home with daddy that day. hopefully next year he will be big enough maybe!! Payton and Kaycee Connelly on the rides

Krystle and Zach with Payton

Uncee Stephen and Payton at the camp out

The kids with Jesse and Grandma Jana