Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whats going on!!!

So its been a couple of weeks. I thought I would write a little about what we have been doing. Adjusting to a new baby and two kids has been a challenge but I think I am getting the hang of it. Payton had a ruff week or two where she was just doing anything negative to get attention but this has mellowed out a little. Micah asked me one day if we could call child protective services and tell them there was a child in danger of being beat!! he he. She will be two on the 28th of this month and I am excited to have her birthday party. I turned twenty eight on march 1 5th and boy do I feel old. It doesn't help either that my husband is two years younger than me. For my birthday I went and had a birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant in mesquite that my grandma takes us to. This was on Thursday then Micah and I went out for a date on Saturday and Jana Watched the kids. On my acutual birthday which landed on a Sunday I had dinner at Micah's parents house and his mom fixed me her peanut butter bars that I love. I have realized that spending time with people I care about is so much more important than things on your birthday.So it was a good birthday thanks for al l the gifts everyone!!!! Treyson is doing great sleeping 4 hours at night then 4 hours after feeding. he is a good baby!
So this Picture is funny this is the nintendo Wii fit that I got from micah for my birthday. I was doing the lunch exercised and Payton was so determined that she had to do it so we made a fake board out of the wii box and this is her trying to follow along.
This is Treyson doing tummy time however you will realized he is not on his tummy. This is because sometimes he can roll over. Oh and the smile I don't know how we managed that I don't think he is officially smiling yet.

Tummy time

Payton being a lot of help with all of her brothers things this is the case to Treyson's tummy time pad

We took some pictures on my birthday for Micah's Grandma Mary's 80th b-day this is one

Treyson's first bath picture yeah

Another picture of my two angels.

Me opening presents with Paytons help on my birthday

This is Micah's Grandpa Joe. Can I tell you how much I love this man he is one of the cutest little grandpa's I have ever seen. He is so thought full and loving. This is his first picture holding Treyson.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1 Week old

So today was the first day for Micah being back to work. I was a little scared but so far things are going good. Payton still is here terrible two self but Cute as well. Her favorite things to do lately is torment her baby brother and torment the dogs. She runs around chasing them with her shopping cart and popper. She gets put in time out quite a bit but I hope she is learning. Treyson is so far so good. I keep thinking that the real him is going to come out. he sleeps 3 to 6 hours at night and as long as he has his binky he is pretty happy. he still weighs 6lbs 8 oz as of yesterday but is doing better with eating these last couple of days. ne way gotta run.
Payton Loves to sit by her baby bother she just doesn't always realize he is not a toy. here are a couple cute pics

These are the pics I took yesterday a little over a week old.

So I was trying to take pictures of treyson and payton of course wanted in so I took this pic of here! nice hair

Micah being a proud daddy he was home this last week and was sooo much help!!! Thanks babe