Friday, April 16, 2010

Payton learned how to ride her bike!!

Payton has learned how to ride her bike she is so excited and wants to ride all the time. She is getting so big

Easter and More!!

We had a fun Easter this year. The kids woke up to there easter baskets. We then went over to Micah's Families house and had easter egg hunts and ate some good dinner. It was also Jana's birthday on Easter so we celebrated that and It was a good day. General conference was that weekend so we watched that and enjoyed the day. This is Payton helping me make cookies and licking the beaters
Treyson loves this new chair Payton got for her birthday. He loves to sit in it and drink his milk he kicks his little legs and it is really cute

Payton Easter Morning

Treyson and his Easter

And he Wonders Why he has a black Eye and other Random Pics

Treyson Had he first official black eye but one of many many bumps and bruises. This kid is nutts he is our climber Here are a couple of pictures of his climbimg skills. However they are not the best. the other day I caught him on top of the computer desk and on top of the cedar chest standing so proud of himself. He has no fear and is full of it. The other Pictures are of Jessica's 18 birthday I thought the picture of her and Payton was so cute. and Then Treyson was enjoying the ice cream cone. He insists on holding it himself so her it is it was so cute.

Jesse and Payton Happy Birthday Jesse