Sunday, February 21, 2010

Treyson Turns 1!!!!!!

Treyson Turned 1 on Februaury 20th. It was a bitter sweet day for me because I was Happy to celebrate but sad that my baby has gotten so big sooo fast. It seems like yesterday that I had him. He has been such a blessing in my life and I am soo blessed to have such wonderful children. Treyson is a little bit fussier than Payton was but he is sooo smiley and has such a cute personality. He always has this mischeivous smile on his face. He is a go getter and never stops when he is awake. We had a great Day. We started out the day making the cupcakes and cake for his party. My friend Lindsey who is so talented helped me make these cute elmo and cookie monster cupcakes you will see in the pictures below. Thanks Linds. Then we had a Party and Grandma Jana and Grandpa Ricks house. Thanks you to everyone who came .

1. Grandma Donna and Aunt Tara
2. Grandma and Grandpa Jana and Rick
3. Great Grandpa Joe
4. Kelly and Kolby.
5. Lindsey Wyatt
6. Shevin, Yolanda and Gabe.
7. Tiffany Hunter
8. Taylor Scott
9. Jesse Scott and Dustin
10. Aunt DawnRae, Daniel and Zach Payne
and anyone I forgot thank you and sorry!!!

Here are a Few Things about Treyson at 1 Year old.
1. He can now walk it is not his main mode of transportation but he is doing it more and more.
2. He still has that wonderful smile.
3. He has 7 teeth
4. He can show he is 1 years old and wave bye bye.
5. He can say ma ma, Dad, dog, no and go
6. He loves balls and throwing things
7. He is obssessed with getting in the fridge and the dishwasher.
8. I think he is about 20 lbs and wears 12months and 9 months clothes.
9. He can climb about anything. he already climbs himself on the couches all by himself.
10. He is a lot more of a mommas boy than Payton ever was.
11. He is soooooo cute and loveable. Thanks Treyson your amazing!!!!
Treyson in his Birthday Hat and Shirt The Cake I made and Lindsey fixed with icing!!!!
Treyson and his Grandpa Rick

Payton and Lindsey my two big Party helpers Thanks again Linds

Opening Presents

Our Cupcakes

First Picture of the Day!!!

Treyson and his Friend Gabe they are 1 month apart and are both obssessed with stairs!!!!

Payton eating her Cake and sharing some with her dolly

After eating his cake

Licking his ice cream plate

Treyson was slow getting started with his cupcake but once he got started he loved it at first he just took the cupcake crumbled it in his hands then started throwing it off his plate

Friday, February 12, 2010


These are just some mobile uploads from Payton's gymnastics class I am going to try to remeber my real camera next time

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random dancing!!!!!

These are just some random pictures and then a video of Treyson Dancing its pretty funny!!!

Taylor Comes Home!!!

Micah's brother Taylor came home on Saturday Jan 30th from his two year mission in Paraguay. It was really good to see him again. It was his first time meeting Treyson and Payton was about Treyson's age when he left. We are so proud of him and glad that he is home. Here are a few pictures of us at the airport. Good job Tay!!!!
This is Micah, Stephen, Taylor, and Jessica

Taylor and Micah's Parents