Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Activities

Easter this year was good. We were able to do a lot of fun things with the kids. We started out by decorating eggs with the kids about a week before easter. Payton really got the hang of it and had a lot of fun. Treyson, well he was pretty much a troublemaker with the eggs and by the end Micah had about had enough of the kid. It was still really fun though. The next set of pictures that our actually from the bottom up our from a county Easter egg hunt that we took the kids to on the Saturday before Easter. They had a petting zoo, the Easter bunny, candy hunts and a lot of other things to do. Treyson was first up for his hunt. He went out there and dominated the two year old hunt. He was picking up so much candy. Micah and I had already discussed that Treyson would probably have no problem but that Payton might not do it. So when it came time for Payton to go I thought she was going but as soon as she figured out I was not with her she came running back crying. So I had to walk out there with her. She did fine after that. She was however scared of the Easter bunny and would not have her picture taken and she would not feed the animals either ohhh well I guess she is kind of a danty little flower. Her brother on the other hand just the opposite. Easter day was really great the Easter Bunny delivered his baskets and then we were able to go to church. This is my favorite part it was a great service and really focused on what Easter is all about. We then came home and had an Easter egg hunt in the rain. Payton was all excited but as soon as Treyson figured out what to do he was off and running. Payton was walking behind him yelling "Treyson that was mine." she did end up getting some eggs and all was good. Great Easter so greatful for my family and most of Jesus Christ. This Picture is actually Treyson trying to be funny by making a face while he licks his fingers you have to see it to understand but he was trying to be a tease.
Decorating cookies with lili our friend from Peru that sometimes watches the kids

Trey and his cookie

Payton her cookie

This is Treyson shoveling about six robin eggs in his mouth from his easter eggs he ended up spitting them out yuck

Trey getting his head start on Payton

Payton with her basket

holding hands to find the eggs

easter outfits

Easter baskets

Trey easter bunny

Fire Truck

Trey showing off candy

Payton at the petting zoo

Me feeding the pig my specialty

Trey feeding the lama

Just thought this was cute