Friday, April 24, 2009

2 months old!!

so treyson is two months old now we took him to the doctor today and he weighed 10lbs and 2oz. he is smiling now and really alert and active. Payton loves him and always is trying to help in taking care of him. here are a few pictures of him this picture is one I think is cute with his little pouty face. He is a little bit fussy at times but he has started sleeping better at night 5 or 6 hours which is great.

These next two pictures are of Payton attempting to but her own pajama's she has insisted to do it herself and whoever knows Payton knows that when she gets something in her mind it is pretty hard to convince her otherwise. so she got the pants half way up and could not get it over her diaper. She then ran around the house so I would not help her. this is the evidence.

This is Payton proudly helping her brother eat from his bottle.

This is a picture of Treyson and his friend Gabe. Are Best friends Shevin and Yolanda had a baby boy about 1 month before us here they are getting to know each other.

This is a picture of Micah's mom with the kids. she is a lifesaver in our lives. She is always helping us with the kids. She babysits every wednesday. They are all in there pajama's.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and more!!!!

So things have been going pretty well for our family. Micah finished his semester of school so now he only had one semester left and then he has got his bachelors. He will be done in August. however I do expect to be a single parent this summer due to the amount of work that he has to do. these are a few random pictures that I have taken this one first definitely proves that micah is Treyson's father!!! I am back to work now and it has been nice in some ways and hard in others. I miss that kids but at the same time it helps me to keep my sanity. Daddy and Treyson(7 weeks)
Payton riding her new bike that she got for her birthday however she hasn't quite learned to peddle so she rides for like a minute the say's her famous "Aw Done"

My cute little family I love them!!!

This picture is for Grandma Donna She made this sweater and has been wanting to see a picture of Treyson in it!!! sooo warm


So this is a picture to show how easter started out. Treyson had a stomach ache or something and he cried for about 2 hours straight. Nothing was soothing him. Soo I was really sad but stayed home from church and Micah went by himself. I finally got him to calm down by rocking him and he slept on me for awhile. After his nap he calmed down enough to dress him but this is him in his easter clothes I thought it was!!! look at this face.

This was Easter morning Micah has been so impressed with the fact the the Volgelsburg kids will sit at the table and eat there cereal so he tried it with Pay this morning and it worked she loved it!!!

This is ayton with her Easter basket she got a lot of candy and some sponge bob Pj's

This is a happier pic of trey

Payton and Treyson in there Easter outfits.

Payton had an easter egg hunt (her first)!! she loved it. We went over to Grandpa and Grandpa Scott's house after church and hid the eggs. these are some pics.

Pay and uncle steve. Payton has grown quite fond of uncle steve since coming home from his mission. These are his goggles funny!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Diva has turned 2!!!!

So Payton turned two on March 28th this is her Birthday party. She is so spoiled. She had a couple of little friends there. The Vogelsberg kids and she also had AVA there. Grandma Donna, Aunt T and Tori came up from Nevada to be with her on her birthday and then there is always Grandma and Grandpa Scott. Grandpa Joe as well. She had a lot of fun and well I wouldn't say she was a good girl she is definitely going through her terrible two's. I went to kiddie kandids the morning of her birthday to get her pictures taken with her brother. She was not nice!!! They had to get three different photographers to take her pictures and then we were there two hours trying to get her to smile. AAAAHHHH anyway I will post some of those pics later. She is the joy of my life even though she can be a little pill and she has grown up so fast.
These pic our of her eating her nemo cake it had so much frosting on it just looking at it made me want to gag but she and the kids liked it!!!

Her she is on her new bike so excited.

Opening Presents

This is her and her little friends Brodie and Brian Trey

3 years and running!!!!

So March 23rd Micah have been married 3 years. Man has time gone by fast and things changed. In those three years we have bought a house and had 2 children. Micah has become a nurse and I graduated with my bachelors in nursing. My life is so blessed to have Micah and my two children I can only imagine things getting better. For our anniversary Micah's mom watched the kids over night and we stayed at a motel and then the next morning we went to sundance. I went skiing and Micah went snowboarding. This is because I tried snowboarding last time on our anniversary and as Micah would say tears were spilled on the mountain. This time was actually fun because I do have some experience skiing however I did take one big fall rolled a couple of times and then skid down the mountain on my face. it pretty much sucked but hey I am just happy things went better than last year.