Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boy Does Time Fly!!!!

Payton Started Gymnastics class on Tuesday and I was so excited to take her. She had a lot of fun and followed directions well. However we had only been there about 30 Minutes when the teacher asked Payton if she could teach her a new thing and she said no me do this! The Teacher said well she really has her own opnions doesn't she. I told the teacher YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! I love this kid but she definitely has a mind of her own and only does things if she wants to. For instance Potty training Payton can go a long time without an accident and then one week she just decides she is done being a big girl. this results in her taking of her pull up during nap time and pooing in her closet. She then spreads her poop. It is so disgusting and I have no idea how to get her to stop if anybody has any ideas let me know. She is very smart and she is learning things so fast. It is hard for me to see her getting so big too fast. It is however fun to see her grow and learn. These pictures of her below our of her leotard I bought her for gymnastics. I love this kid
Treyson Turned 11 months old on the 20th. He is doing really well. here are some facts about Tresyon
1. He is always smiling and such a happy kid unless he is hungry or tired.
2. He will no longer tolerate us feeding him for to long he insists on feeding himself
3. He stands all by himself and has taken up to 6 steps on his own.
4. It usually takes two people to change his clothes and diaper because he just wants to go and he hates it.
5. He can say momma dada, nono, and go go.
6. He has started to put the number one up in preparation for is number 1 birthday.
7. He loves the dog food, dog water, and has been found playing in the toilet. Yuck!!!
8. He loves to climb and seems fearless at this point.
I love this kid and am having a bitter sweet moment about him being 1 this year has been so fast.
I love this kid

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Year

Our family is hopefully looking forward to a goood new year. We are still waiting on several schools to see if we will be moving or not for CRNA school. Micah has a interview in oregon and Texas the first week of February. Micahs brother Taylor also comes home on January 30th for his mission in Paraguay. We are looking forward to that. So far nothing to exciting going but we hope the year to bring good things. Treyson is Starting to take a couple of steps on his own here and there. I think he will be walking soon. However even though he cannot walk yet he can sure climb. Here are some pictures of him climbing on the dish washer. for some reason he is obssessed with it. I also gave him just a little hair cute because he was starting to look pretty shaggy having a lot of hair on the top and hardly any hair on the sides. so here is his new haircut. I put it in a fo hawk to see how he would look. Treysons first haircut at 10.5 months
Payton playing with her new Dora learning book.

This is what happened when I shut the dishwasher

Treyson 2nd attempt at climbing on the dishwasher

Treysons 1st attempt to climb on the dishwasher

Trey showing his skills

Treyson walking with a little help!!!