Saturday, August 14, 2010


The time has come. We will be moving to Portland Oregon next week. We found a townhome in Beaverton Oregon which is a suburb of Portland. I also will be starting a new job there at Oregon Health Science University which is where Micah is going to school. I am working on a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. This is the Job I was going for and When we went out there last week The manager hired me on the spot. I was so glad because then we had more time to look for a house. So next friday The kids, the dogs and I will be heading out over a two day trip. Micah and his Dad will follow with our stuff. I hope everything goes ok. these pictures below are just a few Pictures I took of the school and where I will be working. I will be working on the 14 floor of the building and it looks straight out over the whole city of Portland. The school has a tram that will take you off the hill into Portland it is really cool. Portland is one big forrest there are trees everywhere you look soooo green!!!! This is me standing on the ground right in front of my work so the trees are kind of blocking but that is Portland below
This is the Place I will be working on the top floor The tram leaves from right there.

This is the some more of the school I am so amazed it is on this mountain in the middle of all these trees

Monday, August 2, 2010


This past week we were able to go to lake powell with my whole family minus Christan's family, Daniel and Chase and of course my Grandpa who will always be missed. however it was a great trip My Grandma Rented a 70 foot houseboat for all of us. We had two boats and a Jet ski to play with. Everyone got a turn to do what they wanted. Micah mostly liked the wakeboarding on the jet ski with Randy and others. I did get up on ski's and the wakeboard but not for long it was still fun though. We also had plenty of tube rides that were full of action to say the least. I think we all have bruises from that. Payton even rode on the tube with Kaylee and Micah which really surprised me. they however tipped over and after that she didn't want to go again. Payton had so much fun playing with Kaylee on the beach and well to put it as Kaylee said Treyson is an animal. My aunt Kristine and Uncle Scott were in charge of getting all the food and there was a lot believe me Thanks everyone who helped make our vacation great. Here are a few pictures to capture the memories. Micah on the Knee Board notice the scenery behind him awesome
Treyson on the boat

Payton, micah and Kaylee on the tube

Kaylee and Payton waiting to be pulled on the tube

Aunt T and Payton at night on the top deck of the boat

My Dad and Desi this is typical for these two

Aunt DawnRae and Uncle Mark

Treyson running around on the top deck

Payton looking over the top deck

Micah and Trey on the Top Deck

Jess, Seth and Heidi Filling up the Jet skii

dance party on the deck

This is where all the kids slept.


Kaylee and Payton in there sleeping bags

Treyson actually went down the slide and didn't even cry

Harper playing in the mudd

Micah and Trey playing in the water

Me and Trey

Tori being Tori nuff said