Monday, July 19, 2010


The kids and I went to WestLake California this past week with My sister Tara and My Mom. The Purpose of our trip was to go see My Great Grandpa Just which yes my childrens great great Grandpa. He is so with it and does so well for his age I was so amazed. We have not seen him since my wedding almost 5 years ago. We had a short stay but were able to do fun things. We went to zuma beach in Malibu. This is always a fun experience for me. There is something about the ocean that leaves me in aahhh. I do not care if it is freezing cold I still enjoy the experience. The kids were also able to experience it for the first time. They were both a little scared of the big waves but they enjoyed playing in the sand. Micah asked Payton how she liked the beach and she said she got sand in her eye and the water was cold. We also were just able to do a lot of visiting with my Grandpa and meet a lot of his neat friends. I do however have to say that I was sooo glad to be home and have Treyson back in his own eniviroment where it is baby proof and he can get some good sleep. He had a really hard time but hopefully he can get back to his normal self. He is always crazy but not quite so bratty. Anyway here are some pictures they go backwords so enjoy. The Kids on the way home after a long few days
Grandpa Just, Mom and the kids at the beach

Grandpa Just at89

Aunt T and Payton

Treyson being typical trying to steal my drink

This is me Trying to ride the waves it was coooold

The kids playing in the sand.

Me and the Kids

Grandpa Just and his Girlfriend Genella

All of us by the famous 1977 lincoln continental my Grandpa Just has driven since before I was born

The kids on the way for our trip

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Fourth of July and Other Activities

We had a really fun fourth of July this year. We started out by going to the Stadium of Fire this year and seeing Carrie Underwood and watching the fireworks. It was great. Rick and Jana bought us all tickets. Treyson didn't go but he watched the fireworks at home with Jesse and Dustin Which was really nice because he would have been a mad man there thanks for all that everyone. The on Sunday which was actually the fourth we had a nice dinner at The Scotts house and did fireworks. Payton really enjoyed it this year as you can tell in the Pictures. she was right there in the mix of everything. Last year she was scared.
On Monday Was the Freedom Run and the Parade. Micah, Rick and I ran the 5K again this year it was good then we watched the Parade. It was a really good weekend.
The other Pictures our of The Baby Ducks at the duck pond and the swimming pool we love that place.
Payton with her big sparklers she got.

The Kids and I at the parade.

Treys hat that came with his outfit he of course would not leave it on but we wanted a pic

Jana and the kids at the parade sorry jan but it was cute of Treyson

Payton in her fourth outfit

Payton with all her fireworks running around in the smoke

Fireworks again

I love this she looks so sassy but it is funny

Taylor and Megan

Trey was tired but here he is

After the stadium of fire Stephen took this chair and carried Payton because she was tired of walking

Jesse and Dustin

Stadium of Fire

Pay again at the Stadium of Fire

Payt with one of the Ducks look how close the let you get

These Baby ducks were just born sooo cute

Kids after swimming