Monday, June 21, 2010

We were able to go on a great vacation this last weekend with a lot of my family. My
Uncle Scott and Aunt Kristine planned a trip to Sand Hollow Lake near St. George. It was awesome. We had My cousin Christan and her kids there from Virginia and all the rest of us. My Mom and Dad came and it was so much fun. We were able to boat ride, wake board, tube, jet ski, four wheel, play by the beach and eat of course. My aunt and uncle had a lot of meals prepared and put a lot of work into this vacation and we are so greatful. The kids had the most fun playing on the beach. Bailey, Corbin, Kaylee and Payton worked all day at projects on the beach one including a river they built themselves. We also made smores every night here are a bunch of pics thanks everyone for a great vacation.

On The way home in the car after 3 fun but long days

Treyson is a huge mom's boy but for some reason he liked my cousin Randy and was the only person he would go to without crying. Randy says he's the kid whisperer.

Payton by the beach

Tara and Jessica in the life vest ready to go on the Jet Ski

Treyson loved the water and the mudd he was a big mudd ball everyday

Our family Roasting Marshmallows

Randy and treyson again

Dad Mom and Desi.

Tara and I getting pulled by the jet ski in the tube lets just say it didn't work out so well

pa Payton roasting Marshmallows

My two favorite girls being there normal selfs

Treyson had to drink his capri suns in the water he wouldn't drink it anywhere else

Drew in the River

Trey playing in the mudd

Payton, Kaylee and Corbin

Tori, Christan, Tara

Trey helping me pack

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's I admire!!!

I wanted to say happy fathers day to first of all my Dad who has taught me pretty much everything about life and how to work hard and be responsible. He has also told me to always do what I say I am going to do and if I am not going to it don't say it. I am so thankful for him on this day and how much he has helped me out in my life.

The Second Dad in my life is My husband. He is such an awesome Father to my Children and he helps out sooo much with the kids. He is a hard worker and I am so proud of everything he has done to make our family successful. He is definitely the humble one of us and the patient one as well thanks hunny for all you do.

The Third one is Rick. My father in law. He is a great Dad and has taught my husband well. For that I am very greatful. He is also a great father in law and Grandpa Thanks Rick

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jessica and Dustin Get Married!!! and More

This Weekend Micah's sister Jessica got married. It was a good day and things seemed to work out. Even the rain cleared up enough to have the reception. It was fun to dress the kids up in cute little wedding outfits. Here are some fun pictures of the wedding. Along with the wedding to tell everyone what has been going on with our family. We are now in a one bedroom apartment in provo. It isn't easy but we are definitely surviving and we are glad our house is clean and rented. That was a big stressful job!!!!! There are a few things that are keeping us sane. 1. Joaquin Park. There is a really nice park two blocks from our house. Almost everyday the kids and the dogs and I go to the park. Payton rides her bike and trey strolls. We tried having him walk once but he likes to do way to much sight seeing to get anywhere. 2. The veterans pool. We got a pass to a pool that is also close to us. The kids are having a lot of fun there. I Took some pictures but then my SD card got ruined so there will be more pics to come. 3. The Duck pond. We live close to BYU and so they have a duck pond. We take many walks there as well.
We also have some fun vacations planned to look forward to. This week we are going to Sand Hollow Lake with my family. There is going to be a bunch of people from my family there I am looking forward to it. I grew up going to the lake and water skiing a lot so it should be fun.
I am also planning a trip to CA to see my Great Grandpa and yes the kids GREAT GREAT GRANDPA JUST. My Mom, sister and I and the kids are going in July. then there is Micah and I's Trip to Portland to pick a place to live and hopefully for me find a job. anyway This is what is going on hopefully it will continue to be a good summer
Treyson and Ridger his cousin

Scwidgey and Payton(Payton has made this name up for her Grandpa Rick)

The Water Fountain. Payton later on in the night got drenched in this fountain with cousin's Ridger and Riley they got in trouble by Aunt Pam Uh oh!!!

The Bride with her othe Man!!!

Jessica with Grandpa Joe

The Bride and Groom

Grandma Jana and the Kids

My Man in his cute suit