Monday, March 29, 2010

Payton Turns 3!!!!

So March is a busy Month for us. We Have My Birthday, Our Anniversary, and Payton's Birthday all within about 3 weeks. We have had a fun month and a special thanks to all who have made us feel special.
Payton Turned three on the 28th and I can't believe time flys so fast. Here are some pictures of her birthday party. We took her and her little friends to jumpin jacks and then we came back to our house and had a pinata. It was hillarious to see the kids try to hit the pinata. We ended up having Stephen hit it really hard and then the kids went wild. We then ate some Dora cake and opened presents.
T he first two pictures below are of my birthday. Lindsey made me a cake then came over in her scrubs with her apron on and her coat over that. I thought it was extra cute so I took a picture. Lindsey has been my baker through all these birthdays and it has been awesome. She made Payton's Dora cake below which was so awesome and took a lot of time. Thanks Lindsey. Thanks to all of you who supported us on our special days Payton had a great birthday.

Grandpa Joe feedin Treyson some of my birthday cake how precious!!!

PAYTON IS 3!!!!!
Payton is getting so big and she is definitely a smart little girl with a mind of her own. This is her on her birthday and Tori got her ready sooo cute. Payton has a lot of talents.
1. She has recently taken a gymnastics class where she is one of the only kids in the class that follows the teacher she does really well.
2. She loves to watch Dora the Explorer and Diego.
3. She has recently got a lot better at her colors and she can almost sing her abc's without any help
4. She can count to 12 in english and 6 in spanish
5. She is almost potty trained but still has her stubborn moments.
6. She loves to dance
7. She can be a good big sister but still has some trouble being nice to treyson. I keep telling her he is going to be bigger than her soon and she will be sorry.
We love Payton so much


Jumpin Jacks. This is Payton tumbling down this huge slide she took a tumble she didn't really like

Payton and Grandpa Rick going down the slide. Grandpa Rick is like a big kid Payton loves it.

Tori and Treyson

Treyson enjoying Paytons princess chair she got from her two uncles Stephen and Taylor

Brody and Brock enjoying there candy

Payton eating her Cake and Ice Cream

Coloring Easter Eggs

We Colored Easter eggs with Payton this year. Yes she is just in her underwear but she had a lot of fun. below is a picture of what Treyson was doing while we colored eggs. He is such a busy body and one of his favorite things to do is get in my pan cupboard and make a mess!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So after a long and frustrating journey of applications, interviews in 5 states and a lot of money and waiting we are proud to announce that Micah got the call yesterday from The Oregon health Science University and he has been accepted into their Nurse Anesthetist Program and We are so happy to finally know we are going somewhere. Portland was one of our top choices so we are happy about this. Now we have a lot of work to do to figure out what to do with the house and all that other stuff that comes with moving. If anyone has any tips let us know. We are also going to miss our family sooo much. They better all come visit us. We will probably taking off in september or late august. Here are a few pictures of the school and the town. Portland is very green and it has a river that runs right through it. The school is up on a big hill and you can take the tram you see in this picture to get there micah says its pretty neat.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gymnastics, Tree House, 5k and More!!!

These are just some cute Pictures of the kids before Church today I thought they both looked pretty cute.
These are Pictures from the REX LEE Run. I ran in honor of a Cancer Patient I love very much Rob Wilson. It was pretty good. It was the first 5k I had done since July when I developed Plantar Fascitis in my Left foot. But so far all is well and I was pretty proud of myself. I did it with my best friend Tif and her baby Dakota.

These Pictures our from the TREE HOUSE. There is a tree house in the mall I take the kids to. they play here a lot in the winter I have been meaning to bring my camera for a while but I finally did and we had a lot of fun.

This is Payton's Gymnastics class. she really enjoys it and is learning to be a little more brave. treyson also has a little fun when he goes too.