Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Festivities and Santa Came 2010

During the month of December we did some fun things.The kids had fun helping decorating the house and running around in their Christmas pajamas. There are a few picture of them Below. Payton is in this stage where she has figured out she can look at the digital pictures ,so she asks me to take a lot of pictures of her making funny faces or doing funny things and then she has to look at them. I am going to use these pictures as black mail later on in life.
We also went to ZOO LIGHTS. The zoo here decorates the zoo with a ton of lights and all sorts of neat things and animals. We had a lot of fun there. However we didn't get to see it all in one night and we were planning on going back but did not get the chance Payton was scared of all the play animals walking around so she would not get her picture taken with any of them so if you are wondering why she is not in them that is why. We will have to ride the train next year because it was decorated soo cute.
Then this year I made Special arrangements with Santa Claus to come early to our house because we didn't know if we could fit all his gifts on the plane home for Christmas. We started off the night with Payton and Mommy preparing the cookies for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer. Payton was really concerned that the reindeer would not get their carrots. I think she thought Santa would eat them. We had to tell her multiple times that Santa would give the carrots to the reindeer. In the Morning there was a lot of fun stuff from Santa and we also got to open all our presents from Grandpa and Grandma Sullivan and Grandma Dianne. The Kids got a train set that was the biggest hit of all the toys. Treyson has become fascinated with Thomas the train so he was really excited. Trey also got a little Diesel truck that goes on its own and well Payton was more interested in that than Trey. Payton got a leapster2. she is obssessed with playing with our Itouch's so Santa thought she would like this to play games on this and learn while she is doing it. They were really excited. Treyson was so cute when he opened his stocking and saw candy he took two of the pieces, one in each hand and got so excited he was almost shaking while yelling CANDY!!! He then proceeded to unwrap one as fast as he could and eat it. This Kid is in love with Chocolate. The other day When Micah was watching the kids or Supposed to be watching haha!!! he found Treyson on the counter. He had stood up on the counter and got the chocolate bowl off the top of the fridge and was unwrapping and shoveling chocolate bars in his mouth as fast as he could before he got caught. I am making bets about when our first trip to the emergency room for stitches will be for him because he is really lucky he hasn't been there yet with all of his climbing. Payton is getting so smart and was really into Santa this year it was fun to see her start to understand what was going on. We were also able to go home to Utah and Nevada to see our families which was soooo good. We love both of our families and are so blessed to have them more pictures to come from that.

Putting up the stockings

Payton pose #1

Pose #2

Pose #3

this is my favorite she looks like she is in the middle of an exercise film

Pose #4

Pose #5 Whew it finally got old

Payton with her Gingerbread house that well I made. Payton was so excited to make it but after we opened all the candy she really just ate the candYwhile I made the house. We still had some fun and of course did it while the monkey man was asleep!!

Payton in her pretty Christmas Dress I think this was one of my favorite dress she has every had

Ready for Church yeah

Zoo lights with rudolph as you can see payton was not happy

Dad and Treyson with the Otter

The Three of us minus Payton with the Penguin. Payton was over by herself being a wimpo

I love this Picture.

Payton at zoo lights finally with a smile

We found this place called papa's pizza. It has the best playground. To top it all of the had a guy making balloon hats and animals. Payton insisted she wanted a sword. So both the kids got swords and hats see the pics below so funny.

Trey being his brave self climbing in the gym with all the big kids

After the Balloon man

Oh It was sooo worth it

Once again a pose
Payton and her cookies and carrots

funny pose again
Trey with his trains on Our Christmas morning

Pay with her leapster

Payton and her stockingtrey with his candy so excitedKids With there table

The kids on the diesel they do this a lot lately

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We Put up our Christmas tree on Monday for family home evening. It was really fun with the kids. We were a little scared of what might happen due to the nature of our monkey son. So far our fear of him pulling the tree over on himself has not happened but he is being watched very carefully.( He did recently did pull over Payton's dresser on himself twice trying to climb up it). We did Great with the tree until we got to the ornaments. I luckily had thought ahead of time and got some unbreakable ornament balls. However that does not really help if they don't stay on the tree. What happened was Payton was busily trying to rearrange the balls for probably 2 hours while Treyson took them off and threw them around the room. It continued this morning as soon as Treyson woke up so needless to say we now have a ornamentless Christmas tree and I am fine with it. Here are some cute pictures of the kids with the tree. There are also some Pictures of the kids at the end in their rain coats. I figured they could use them since it has been raining pretty much everyday this month. P. S I am getting Christmas Card Ready so send me your address if you want one. Treyson carrying his part of the tree
Payton Carrying her part of the tree

' Trey "sheezing" for the camera

My sweet thing by the tree I have to tell her to smile normal of I get some crazy face all the time

Trey after taking some of the ornaments off and playing with them

Payton putting the decorations on

Trey helping Dad

Kids in their Rain coats


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Every Year around Thanksgiving I feel the need to be thankful for things imagine that. I am truly a blessed person and have so many good people and things in my life. Our family has truly been blessed this year with Micah getting excepted to CRNA School in Oregon. Although it continues to be a hard adjustment for me being so far away from everyone I think it is helping our family be closer. I Keep teasing Micah that he has a girlfriend because he is gone so much studying and today I asked him what he was going to do about his girlfriend during Christmas break when he didn't have the excuse to go study. He told me " I guess I will have to dump her." I am truly blessed to have a husband who loves me for who I am. He is a great father and he loves the gospel. I blessed to have two beautiful children in my life that I love and adore. Some how they wear me out everyday and the next day I can't wait to see their smiling faces. I am greatful for my family and Micah's family but most of all I am greatful for our heavenly father and Jesus Christ who have blessed our lives so much. I have seen there blessings so much as we have went through this big transition. I found a job so quickly and have been able to adjust to nights a lot better than I thought was possible. I pray that as the Christmas Season roles around and the next years comes to play that we will all take a minute to remember Why we are here and Thank our heavenly father and Jesus Christ. We are so excited to be able to come home for Christmas and see everyone. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taylor and Megans Wedding

We Were able to go back to Utah to see Micah's brother Taylor get married. I was really excited to go home and see all of the family and friends in Northern Utah. The Kids and I flew in on Wednesday so we could spend some extra time with people. I have to admit it was rough with Treyson on the plane. Then to top it all off the plane had to circle the airport several times and We were on the plane at least an extra half an hour which seemed like nine years but we made it. We were able to see and stay with Micah's family. We miss them soo much. We also had the privilege of having Aunt T come up to see us and stay for a couple of days. Thanks Aunt T for taking time away to visit. Tiff also took some days off work which meant a lot and we were able to spend a lot of time together. The wedding was great and we are so happy for Taylor. the kids got to wear cute little outfits that Grandma Jana had for them. Even though it made me realized how much I missed everyone being so close I am greatful for the trip Thanks Rick and Jana for helping us with flying there we are so greatful. We look forward to being able to see all our family in December for Christmas. Taylor and Megan outside the Draper Temple
Treyson at the temple it was soooo cold

Payton at the temple

Payton with Hailee sorry if thats wrong

Shevin and Yolanda and our family minus Payton we were so glad to see these guys we miss them a lot

The Kids with Grandma and Grandpa

Our Little family at the temple