Sunday, September 9, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten and Preschool!!!

Payton started kindergarten this last week. She is going to the private kindergarten at our daycare. She was excited to be able to go to the big kid classroom and to not have nap time anymore. Her teacher is Miss Sara and she seems to like her class so far. She told be it was gooder than she thought. Treyson is going to preschool now but still in the same classroom so no big changes for him. 
We have had a fun summer with nice weather and more sun than normal for Portland so that has been a blessing. Except for those random 102 degree days with no air conditioner those were not fun. Micah is  so close to being done with school it will be so nice. He finish's up at the first of December and then has to take national boards to be able to start working. He has already got a job offer in Farmington New Mexico that we are excited about and will probably take as long as nothing better comes a long. We are truly blessed we love and miss you all.

Payton with Miss Sara