Sunday, October 23, 2011


This Year for halloween we have once again done a lot of fun things. The kids and I started out by going to a carnival at the Rec center in Beaverton. We had a lot of fun. Trey didn't feel good so he didn't want to dress up but he had fun once we got there. Payton one a goldfish that she named KIWI and we actually have had it for almost two weeks now which is like a miracle for me to have not killed the fish yet. We also made our annual sugar cookies and decorated them. The kids insisted on helping me make the cookies as you can see below. I remember thinking my Aunt DawnRae was crazy when I went to her house and she had Daniel, who was about 1 at the time sitting on the counter helping her make meatballs. I now do this daily. hahaha. We Went to the pumpkin patch Saturday as a family. It was so much fun. We love halloween and we are having a pumpkin carving party with some friends on Tuesday more pics to come. Trey eating his roasted corn he almost at that whole thing and insisted on doing it himself
Trey was obssessed with cleaning his pumpkin

The HayRide on the way to the pumpkin patch

The Kids with our pumpkins Trey found that mini pumpkin in his hand and had to have it!!


Searching for pumpkins

Trey Riding Dusty he was scared so I had to hold his hand but afterwards has talked about the horses ever since

Payton was not scared at all which was amazing her horse was named twinkle

Making cookies

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Disneyland and some fun with our new camera!!!

Well to make a long story short I never found my camera which is sooo sad. So I ordered what pictures Disney took which was about ten of Trey because, Payton was scared of all of the characters besides Minny and the princesses. These ten pictures cost and arm and a leg but I had to have a few pictures to make myself feel better about the situation. Taylor and Megan were nice enough to send me what they had so this is what we have of the trip.The other pictures our of the kids trying out our new camera. Payton loves to make faces for the camera. Treyson lately wants to sit on the counter and HELP???? me cook. We are pretty busy I think this is the most busy we have been so far. Micah has clinical from about 6-6pm 3days a week and class one day a week. I am working 4days a week 8 hour days. The kids go to preschool/daycare 3 days a week and it is quite the riot getting everybody from place to place but we do it. I can't say with smiling faces all of the time but we are enduring. The rain has already started up here again. Summer was about 2 months long and that is it. Everyone tells me this is the worst year they have seen in a long time so I am hoping they are telling the truth. I pray for sun daily and worship it when it comes out JK. Treyson is still potty training and he does really good at daycare with this. He has a teacher at daycare MRS. Mary that we really like and so it makes me feel better knowing he is in good hands. Payton is doing fine at preschool but is still boycotting the daycare situation a little bit. She always says she has fun when I come to pick her up but she doesn't ever want to go in the morning. hmmmm! Well I miss all our family and friends and am really glad I have such a great husband and God to help me get through all of this. Our ward family is great and I know we are sooo blessed and that Jesus is the Christ. The LDS church is the true and living church upon this earth and happiness comes through having a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus.