Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Zoo, The Parade, Cannon Beach, and Washington Park!!!

I have been pretty bad about blogging. However we are alive here in Oregon and so far so good things are getting better as we get settled in. Micah officially starts school tommorow so he is excited for that. In the mean time we have had sometime to do some fun things. The first pictures are of the kids at this cool park in Portland called Washington park. It is very pretty and green and has a huge play area. The kids really enjoy playing there and I like it because It doesn't have many places where Treyson can fall off. Since he is fearless and has already fallen off one playground in his short life. the second set of pictures are of the Oregon Zoo. We still haven't see it all but we have a pass so we plan on going again. However Treyson was so funny he loved the Bear. he just kept yelling bear as loud as he could. The third set of pictures our at the Beaverton city celebration parade. My Mom and Dad came to visit for a few days and we all went to the parade. The kids got so much candy. they gave out books and a lot of stuff. I think the best thing we did was that we went to the Beach twice and stopped at the cheese factory which was good they have the best ice cream. We liked it so much the first time we went like three days later. the pics are so cute Treyson and Payton loved it. Treyson was trying to go right in the ocean but it was way to cold he didn't care though. We also put our foot prints all in the sand my idea of course but I love it. anyway we are doing good. I am adjusting to my job. It can be stressful at times but a lot better than I thought it would be doing nights. We love and miss everyone hope all are doing well.
Treyson loves to read books lately and I took this cute picture of Payton trying to read to him what a nice sister

Washington Park

Washington Park

The dogs got to go to Washington park too

The zoo

The Zoo

The Zoo

Trey looking at his bear

Payton in her dress from Spain Stephen got her coming home from his mission it finally fits her

Random picture of Treyson in his church clothes. Thats not blood he colored on his face

Treyson at the parade

Grandpa Dayton with the kids at the Parade

Payton and Grandpa Dayton


Pay with her big bag of candy

This is a lady in the parade she totally posed for my picture yeah

Kids at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

Treyson eating his Ice Cream

Payton eating her Ice Cream

Treyson finishing off Payton's Ice Cream. Yes he ate all of his and the rest of her's

The Beach


Micah Trying to contain Trey at the beach

This picture is side ways but blow it up and it is such a precious picture

Treys being stopped from plunging into the ocean

Pay enjoying the day

This is my favorite I didn't tell them to do this either

Treys being burried he thought that was pretty cool

and this is him just getting muddy classic him

Making cookies

licking the beaters

Friday, September 3, 2010


We are here is Portland. We moved out on the 21st of Aug. Micah and his Dad drove the moving truck and I drove the kids in the car with the dogs. It is a Twelve hour drive and we did it over two days Suprisingly enough It wasn't two bad other than everytime we stopped it was a thirty minute process to get the kids in and out of places and then letting the dogs out. We Spent a long day on saturday getting everything out of the truck and then relaxed on Sunday. I started work that Monday at OHSU. Micah flew back to Utah on The 25th and he will be there until the 8th working. We Miss him and our excited for him to come home. My mom has been here the last eight days and has been tons of help cooking, cleaning and of course watching he kids while I did my first 2 weeks of orientation. She flew back today. Thanks MOM! So far things are going good. I am thankful for my GPS I don't know how people got along with out things like that. We haven't done a whole lot because I have been at work so much but we did go to the Zoo one day for a little while and that was cool. I took the kids to ride the tram up to my work they thought that was sooo cool. I have learned to ride the bus and max line which suprisingly I don't really mind. They have a lot of cool farmers markets on saturday here and The weather has been great not to hot not to cold. Here are some pictures of Jesse and Dustins new little girl Haylee. She was the exact same height and weight of Treyson. Payton loved her and always wanted to hold her. The other things are just random pics I love and miss everyone in Utah and am looking forward to visiting soon. But in the mean time if anyone wants to come visit you always have a place to stay

This is a Picture of Grandma Jana and all her Grand babies we miss her love you Grandma Jana

This is Payton waiting outside of Voo Doo doughnuts it is this famous doughnut place that people wait for hours for

This is my going away party at work in Utah I sure miss these guys

Payton with baby Haylee

SO this picture I took when I saw the kids like this. I was trying to pack up for Portland and this is what they were doing

The kids with baby Haylee

Payton's interesting outfit

So Payton loves it when Stephen fly's here around on the broom like Harry Potter

Trey playing golf